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A Photographic Homage To The Female Body

Cristina Coral explores the relationship between human form and facade

Cristina Coral explores the relationship between figure and facade

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The female figure is the best metaphor to represent the feelings, fragility, and contradictions that Cristina Coral often recognizes in herself. The Italian photographer has a soothing aesthetic that captures a sense of loneliness with atmospheric mystery, which is wholly epitomized in her 'Making Architecture' series.

The self-taught photographer grew up in Trieste, northeastern Italy and was surrounded by creativity and art during her childhood. Daughter of Giampaolo Coral, an esteemed composer of chamber music and contemporary classical music, who for many years was the artistic director of Premio Musicale Citta' di Trieste. Coral was an avid flute player and encouraged by her father to explore numerous artistic outlets from an early age.


Cristina Coral explores the relationship between body and building

Cristina Coral is an award-winning photographer based in Italy, specialized in creative and fine art photography.

But photography remains a relatively new medium for her having only picked up a camera a few years ago after deciding to test herself in a new creative practice. "I began experimenting with the female figure, patterns, colors, and environments that surrounded me," she explains. Choosing to continue focusing on the female form, it has become the prevailing theme throughout most of her work, almost dedicating herself to the subject.

In 'Making Architecture,' pictures have been taken across Berlin, Ljubljana, and Trieste as part of an ongoing series. While evoking a feeling of isolation, her work is also inviting and comforting to the naked eye. Her photographed subjects often have a wistful and melancholic mood to them, an ambiguous gaze that encourages a sense of self-reflection on the relationship between body and architectural form.


Cristina Coral explores the relationship between body and building

Her work possesses many nostalgic qualities that allude to mid-century romances of dress, fashion, and lifestyle. She explores themes of femininity, closure, and contemplation within these settings. 

The series has been developing over several years she tells us. "The locations and spaces have often been the source of inspiration for some of my projects. I wanted to go deeper into the perspective to blend the female figures with the architectural context."

Not a statement to challenge the portrayal of the female figure, but rather a way to merge the body with the surrounding humanmade location. "All body forms are folded within the space to shape a geometrical composition. The own individuality becomes a unified form," she explains.


Cristina Coral explores the relationship between body and building

'Making Architecture' is a mixture of dreamy backdrops coupled with intimate interactions, she doesn't intend to challenge perceptions of how the female body is portrayed, but rather encourages moments of wonder.

Coral announced herself to the photography community five years ago after winning two gold medals at the 2014 Prix de la Photographie Paris. She has since gone on to work with Vogue, Wall Street Magazine, and Le journal de la Photographie. She cites Guy Bourdin, Noe Sendas, and Viviane Sassen as influential artists she admires and hopes to emulate their legacies through her work. She tells us, "When I photograph, I think about my aesthetics and vision, but I do envisage this series triggering curiosity and interest also."

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