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At gestalten, we always welcome new book pitches, ideas, and projects. 

Book Proposals

Do you have an idea for a book that fits the gestalten brand? Then send your proposal to proposals@gestalten.com. Please include a short abstract summarizing the content, a (prospective) table of contents, a list of (potential) contributors, and a selection of images to help us better understand the visual quality of the project as well as some background information about yourself.

Have you created an original story or engaging illustrations that will be enjoyed by our younger Little Gestalten community? Then pitch your children's book idea to us or send your finished manuscript to littlegestalten@gestalten.com. Please bear in mind that we currently publish for children aged 3 and above, covering picture books, non-fiction, novelty, pop-ups, and more. The subject matter should be relevant to the target age group and the written and visual quality must be in line with our Little Gestalten publications.

Creative Projects & Contributions

If you have a project that fits that gestalten aesthetic, join our Creative Pool. We are always interested in showcasing new, innovative, and interesting work. Sign up here.

If you are a writer with a fresh perspective who wants to contribute to our Journal, contact us at news@gestalten.com. Before you send us your pitch, please make sure you are familiar with the scope of our content and editorial direction. We want to celebrate creative life through the introduction of projects and personal endeavors. Your pitch should include an introduction to your story, your angle, why your subject is of interest to our audience, and why your perspective/access to the subject is exclusive or special. Please also link to your online portfolio and/or biography.