Haenyeo by Hyung S. Kim

Take a Look at the Last Women Practicing the Art of Free-Diving in South Korea

Haenyeo by Hyung S. Kim

visual culture

For hundreds of years, women in South Korea have practiced free-diving to trawl the seafloor for fresh shellfish. In the recent years, the number of free-divers, also known as Haenyeo, is quickly dwindling; photographer Hyung S. Kim visited the surviving Haenyeo to document the tradition and the feminine power that the elderly women embody—the youngest of the Haenyeo that Kim photographed was 38 and the oldest was in her nineties. 

Haenyeo by Hyung S. KimHaenyeo by Hyung S. KimHaenyeo by Hyung S. KimHaenyeo by Hyung S. Kimhaenyeo


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