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Light Photography by Alexis Pichot

Illuminating Immersion Into the Forest

Light Photography by Alexis Pichot

visual culture

The series Marche Céleste documents one year of nocturnal immersions in the Forest of Fontainebleau, France. Inspired by his fast-paced life in the city, photographer Alexis Pichot decided to retreat into the woods to re-connect with his spirits and discover a hidden world. He let himself be enveloped by the nocturnal atmosphere in the forest, the presence of animals, the in nite rustling of the vegetation, the soft music of the wind making the branches dance. The resulting images capture his dialogue with nature as well as the everlasting dance of light and darkness, giving the landscape a mysterious touch. 

Alexis Pichot PhotographyAlexis Pichot PhotographyAlexis Pichot PhotographyAlexis Pichot Photography


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