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Interior by Studio Oink

The Designer Duo Re-Upped a Home in Germany

Interior by Studio Oink

architecture & interior

When tasked with redesigning the interior of this apartment on the outskirts of Mainz in Germany, the designer duo behind Leipzig’s Studio Oink realized quickly that they weren’t going to be able to change the existing infrastructure behind the turn-of-the-century home. Instead, they did a visual nip-and-tuck job, using a light palette of paints along with an eye-catching array of textures from plush throws to matte vases and glossy tabletops to create a playing field lush with multiple visual keystones across a single room. The design is featured in our recent release Bohemian Residence, which is also available in German as Maison Mondän.The book showcases the many ways that interior designers and architects are infusing inner-city buildings with bursts of personality and modern touches, and it is available for purchase in our web shop

Studio Oink InteriorStudio Oink Interior