Building in Bolivian city El Alto. Front designed by artist Freddy Mamani. (Photo: Nio Tatewaki)

07/12/2018 architecture & interior visual culture

Freddy Mamani And His Kaleidoscopic City In The Clouds

In the nicest possible way, Freddy Mamani makes buildings that look like Vegas slot machines. His jazzy designs are changing the face of his home city, La Paz and at the same time causing a bit of a stir in the architectural world.
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Brutalist Romance In The Mediterranean

04/12/2018 architecture & interior visual culture

Brutalist Romance In The Mediterranean

Brutalist architecture for decades was the symbol of the underclass and soulless town planning. But a new generation looks at the style of architecture with optimism, including Spanish photographer Salva López, who has worked on our new Ricardo Bofill book. We find out more about his aesthetic and approach to photography.
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Tokyo has a futuristic feel that has long been captured on film. We thought we'd seen it all until we looked through the lens of Tom Blachford

21/11/2018 architecture & interior travel visual culture

The Neon Nightcrawler

It's only one year until we've reached the date the original Blade Runner was set. Although we know 2019 won't quite be the same as the film portrayed, photographer Tom Blachford has decided to show us what might have been.
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The Swedish Art of

21/11/2018 architecture & interior

The Swedish Art of "Lagom"

Just when you thought you had understood "hygge" there's yet more to learn.
Some of the most important everyday concepts in Nordic life are encapsulated in words and phrases that are difficult to translate into other languages. Learn what the Swedish concept lagom means.
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Sofa nook and double bed behind mirrored sliding door in a 13 square meter studio designed by Studiomama (Photo: Rei Moon)

25/10/2018 architecture & interior

A 140 Square Feet Home Packed Full of Ideas

Awkward in shape and only 13 square meters of floor space–designers of Studiomama came up with an interior design concept, that gave a new lease of life to a tiny studio, that had previously been used as a mini cab office. With smart storage solutions, this London apartment has everything one needs including a double bed. "It was like designing the interior of a boat or a caravan," says designer Nina Tolstrup.
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A Home that Masters the Modular Concept

16/08/2018 architecture & interior

A Home that Masters the Modular Concept

The Mono Cabin is an ideal option for someone who enjoys the bare necessities of life. With a footprint of just 106 sq ft, it is small enough to avoid needing a building permit and is finished and ready to be dropped off in just 6-8 weeks. No assembly necessary.
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