Desert landscape of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan. (Photo: Qing Yu)

20/03/2019 Escape travel

On Trail Magic and Thru-Hikers

Wanderlust co-editor Cam Honan has trekked 90,000 kilometers in the last 25 years throughout over 50 countries. He explains why we can't stop once we have started walking. "When we choose to walk rather than fly or drive, something wonderful happens: our awareness and appreciation of the natural world begins to grow." And he reveals what happens, when wanderers return from the trail to their regular lives.
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The Tales Of North Korea’s Mass Games By Dan Medhurst

07/02/2019 Escape travel visual culture

The Tales Of North Korea’s Mass Games By Dan Medhurst

Secretive, mysterious, and oddly satisfying, photographer Dan Medhurst gained access into North Korea's Mass Games and what he shot was like a scene resembling a dystopian fiction. So we took this opportunity to find out more from Dan about Pyongyang's obedience, their military might, and his life as a photographer.
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Screenshot of a 360 degree video animation of studio Universal Everything.

05/02/2019 travel visual culture

Going Inside The Sound With Universal Everything

Universal Everything has created a series of VR videos exploring new forms of audiovisual synaesthetic experience. Culminating in six 360 degree films posing the question “how does it feel to step Inside the Sound?” the London based studio has designed six alternative environments to get lost in, both visually and sonically.
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Escape Into Africa And The Middle East Through The Lens Of Helin Bereket

20/01/2019 travel visual culture

Escape Into Africa And The Middle East Through The Lens Of Helin Bereket

Berlin-based photographer Helin Bereket has traveled to Oman, Namibia, Lebanon, and Nevada in search of something bold and different to document. Looking beyond the grey concrete of the German capital is inspiring her travels in search of architectural uniqueness.
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Hexagonal stone formations at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. (Photo: Alan Dixon)

27/11/2018 Escape travel

Ever Wondered What the Footsteps of Giants Look Like?

The 40,000 mostly hexagonal-shaped basalt columns along the coastal cliffs of Northern Ireland have a colorful name. Thanks to an ancient myth surrounding the rivalry between an Irish and Scottish giant, the Giant's Causeway is a place of both beauty and local folklore.
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Tokyo has a futuristic feel that has long been captured on film. We thought we'd seen it all until we looked through the lens of Tom Blachford

21/11/2018 architecture & interior travel visual culture

The Neon Nightcrawler

It's only one year until we've reached the date the original Blade Runner was set. Although we know 2019 won't quite be the same as the film portrayed, photographer Tom Blachford has decided to show us what might have been.
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