Cutting A Culinary Cardon Footprint With Matt Orlando

23/01/2020 food & beverages

Cutting A Culinary Carbon Footprint With Matt Orlando

American-born and now Danish-based, Matt Orlando is using his wealth of culinary schooling to foster a new, more sustainable model for his restaurant Amass. Using an in-house garden and other mechanisms, he has begun to drastically reduce his carbon footprint while focusing on vegetables.
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Street Contemporary by Vishal Marapon

19/11/2019 food & beverages visual culture

Street Contemporary

Recording and compressing mystical frozen moments to indicate the strangeness of time whilst also portraying metropolis spreads as deserted ghost towns, Vishal Marapon delicately captures the city in harmonious silence and empty of human life.
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The Swedish Chef Bringing Color To New York

05/11/2019 food & beverages

The Swedish Chef Bringing Color To New York

To coincide with the American release of Story on a Plate, we put the spotlight on Emma Bengtsson, a chef that grew up in a quaint Scandinavian fishing village but has gone on to leave a prominent mark on New York's culinary scene.
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Martha Ortiz On Empowerment Through Plating

09/09/2019 food & beverages visual culture

Martha Ortiz On Empowerment Through Plating

"Kitchens should be like orchestras where each instrument has its own time and rhythm," explains acclaimed Mexican chef Martha Ortiz. Following a feature in our book, Story on a Plate, Ortiz opens up about empowering feminism through plating and how Latin American cuisine is set to conquer global gastronomy.
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LOKAL was a pop-up salad bar and hydroponic farming system Photo: Rory Gardiner

16/05/2019 food & beverages

SPACE10 On How We Might Live And Eat Tomorrow

Innovation hub SPACE10 is a ‘future-living lab’ armed with an overarching vision to define new systems for a better and more sustainable way of life. The lab has produced many significant ideas including wide-ranging projects relating to the future of food, mobility, and the redefinition of co-living spaces. We chat with Simon Caspersen, SPACE10’s communication director to find out more.
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How Music Is Creating New Cultures Around Food, Adam Scott for Spiritland

27/03/2019 food & beverages

How Music Is Creating New Cultures Around Food

Background music has become ubiquitous and unavoidable. The debate has fuelled multiple perspectives on the purpose of music in restaurant culture: Do we need music at all? Where does the obsession to eradicate silence come from? Why doesn't more consideration go into the matching of music with food? We explore two establishments pushing food and music to new heights.
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