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The Future of Sustainability, Books to Build a Better Tomorrow

A more sustainable future is yet to be built, but through collective action, the next generation could have it in their sights.

The Future of Sustainability, Books to Build a Better Tomorrow

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As we celebrate Earth Day, we would like to introduce you to a list of titles which explore the ambitious actions and initiatives being brought to life across the globe, meeting tomorrow’s demand in clever, forward-thinking ways. The concrete jungles of modern cities might seem hostile to nature, but they are full of natural life. From beekeeping on rooftops to underground mushroom farms, Urban Farmers explores the rich world of planting, growing, and harvesting in modern cities and shows that soil, seeds, and concrete can be the unexpected formula for a greener, healthier and more sustainable life in the city. Presenting a mix of in-depth case studies, inspiring profiles of the movement’s pioneers and essays by experts in the field, Urban Farmers gives its readers the opportunity to learn from the best and get their hands dirty—be it on a balcony, in a community garden, or even by growing a business in the very heart of the metropolis.

What is a rainforest? What kind of animals and plants can be found there? What does everyday life of the people who live in a rainforest look like? And why is the rainforest so important for the climate? In Explore the Rainforest, young readers get to know this fascinating habitat and natural environment. Together with the protagonists Emma and Louis, children can embark on an adventurous journey through the grand rainforest regions of the world in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, conveying a plethora of exciting facts about the characteristics of this species-rich ecosystem, and why ecosystems like these are so important for the future of our planet. Coffee can act as a common denominator when learning about cultures or time periods that are not our own—a familiar thread through the unfamiliar. While coffee may look different in Vietnam than it does in Yemen, it has the same unmistakable taste beloved worldwide, which helps bind us together. However, this all-consuming, centuries-spanning romance we have enjoyed has its effect on our planet. Today, many countries, economies, and about 125 million people rely on coffee cultivation and export for their livelihood. Spill the Beans explores how the reliance on coffee production has brought both great gains and devastating losses. Climate change, coffee rust disease, and more have already caused devastation to many coffee-growing regions. Spill the Beans takes the reader on a journey through Ethiopia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many other countries in between, exploring the myriad ways in which coffee is produced, traded, and enjoyed. 

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