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Favorite Holiday Picks From French Food Expert & Creative Director

Discover what creative director, food expert, stylist, photographer and creator of 'A Spoonful of Sun', Pauline Chardin, is reading this holiday season.

Favorite Holiday Picks From French Food Expert & Creative Director

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Pauline Chardin is a French creative director, food expert, stylist, and photographer. Her work and lifestyle have been featured in publications such as Milk Magazine, AD, or Ignant. Earlier this year, we partnered with Pauline in order to create A Spoonful of Sun; a seasonal Mediterranean cookbook that feeds your taste buds, eyes, and joie de vivre. A Spoonful of Sun lavishes us with aesthetic pleasures, taking us around the house Chardin designed for herself, into the irresistible surrounds of her Provençal home, and back to what matters most: the food on the table. So who better to gather inspiration from ahead of the holiday season? We asked Pauline which gestalten titles we can find her paging through this winter, and those she would recommend to others. Here’s what's on her list.


The Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities: ‘I've happily left Paris for the countryside a few years ago, but I still love a city break. While I'm travelling to another city, I always enjoy imagining myself living and working there. With its signature rich and well-documented content, this Monocle book helps go beyond what a tourist's eye can see.’ In this joyful new book Monocle unpacks what makes a great city, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or need help fixing your own. 


Handmade in Japan: ‘I'm never not nostalgic about Japan and this book is a gorgeous way to go around the country through the lens of its many crafts. I'm in awe of the way the Japanese can be very practical while leaving ample room for their own mystique. My favorite section of the book has to be the one about Koinobori no Kanzarashi, where hand-dyed colorful carp streamers are washed in the river waters on the coldest night of the year.’ Discover the exceptional artistry and rich traditions being kept alive by Japanese artisans in the 21st century.


Soft Electronics: ‘It seems like a whole other era, the time where household appliances was a bit of an open field and audacity ruled. Imagine renowned designers putting their mind to mixers and electric razors, joyfully experimenting with new shapes and graphics. The book made me enthusiastic about industrial design again.’ Explore the golden era of industrial design that revolutionized home appliances.




Discover more from A Spoonful of Sun, as Pauline shares her delicious, healthy, and—best of all—easy recipes, using seasonal fruit and veg from her local market and her garden. Looking for further inspiration? Explore our different gift guide collections, uniquely curated for the Food Connoisseurs, Modern Explorers, and Design Lovers in your life.