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Pracht by Build_Inc.

We Spoke with the Owner of the Award-Winning Salon

Pracht by Build_Inc.

architecture & interior

A salon should glow with beauty from the moment that a customer walks through the door. As such, Pracht Haargestaltung brought on the talented architects at Build_Inc. to develop a unique interior concept that pairs industrial aesthetics with a nod to the all-natural ethos that guides the salon’s selection of products. We spoke with Yasemin Keles of Pracht to learn more about the award-winning salon’s luscious interior.

Pracht by Build_Inc.

When and why did you open Pracht?

We opened Pracht in April 2014 with pride. A beautiful hair salon crafted with notably sustainable manufacturers—it’s a dream fulfilled.

Did you always dream of having your own salon?

Absolutely! I was driven by the end-goal that was left in the background so many times until it was a fully thought-out and ready to be realized.Pracht by Build_Inc.How did you develop the interior concept?

I trusted BUILD_Inc. with the concept wholly and completely, and it was a natural symbiosis between my love for nature and their faultless structures. I wanted the building to represent myself and for the salon to feel like home.

Pracht by Build_Inc.

What makes your salon different from other hairdressers?

We don’t allow any advertisements and flyers in our atelier; the same goes for brand-name products and appliances. Instead, our customers are able to enjoy a space without advertisements. Our products are completely organic up until they are packaged, and they are made without plastic additives; they developed without animal testing and based on natural pigments instead. Pracht offers a sense of home—and a kitchen—to our customers. We build a sense of trust and strong rapport with our patrons, and the quality of our craft is upheld until the end.

Pracht by Build_Inc.

If you had to describe Pracht in three words, what would you say?

Home, friendly, and joie de vivre

How did you assemble your team? What does an applicant need to be part of Pracht?

The team is founded on long-term friendships! It is what holds us together, and it’s why we can work together as friends. To be a part of Pracht, you must be passionate about the craft and open to learning and developing your skills.