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Reverie In Charlotte Taylor’s Serene Digital Worlds

A high-ceilinged, furniture-filled utopia is just a few subtle details away from reality

Reverie In Charlotte Taylor’s Serene Digital Worlds

architecture & interior visual culture

Through an elegant coalescence of design and art, Charlotte Taylor has a competent command over numerous crafts. The London-based creative director of Dello Studio is also a doyen of digital art, interior design, and set creation. Interested in the peculiarities of space, her work often extends beyond contemporary functionality and reaches to utopian urbane visions.


Reverie In Charlotte Taylor’s Serene Digital Worlds

'Desert Villa' collaboration with Nareg Taimoorian creating an organic home to inhabit and blend into the desert. The distant featured puddle mirror and various vases were also rendered by Nareg Taimoorian. (Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture)

Having grown up in a design family, Taylor almost followed a route into architecture but later reversed this desire as she didn’t want to be restrained by functional facades. What drew her to architecture was aesthetics, but designing environments was her real passion. Stirred by the forms of buildings rather than there use, she sought to explore new mediums that allowed her to bind visionary design with art. This paved her entrance into digital art and set design.

While the resulting spaces are often fantastical in their settings, with a soft, utopian world view, she hopes one day to realize her designs. “My work is gradually moving towards actual spaces, blurring the line of what is rendered and what is existing. I envisage the spaces to become inhabitable architecture, something I am starting to explore in my practice through interior design projects and retail design,” she explains in Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture.


Reverie In Charlotte Taylor’s Serene Digital Worlds

'Soft Architecture' collaboration with Alberto Carbonell, who reinterpreted some of my illustrations in his organic architectural style. (Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture)

Constructing pastel worlds influenced by visionaries of the 20th-century such as Ricardo Bofill, Linda Bo Bardi, and Luis Barragán, her work points to a futuristic era much like theirs. For Taylor, these kinds of environments work to delicately move our thoughts away from the real world. “Utopia is a notion not too far from reality for me; it lies in the subtle details that push reality from the factual and concrete. Her paradise-like creations often have such striking resemblance you can feel the light radiating off of a sun-drenched pool or the calmness of concrete that often dictates her spaces.

Made in a style that recalls Modernism and Postmodernism, these digital renders are soothing visions into fictional interiors that could one day become real spaces. Taylor uses her influential social media presence to partner with peers also pushing digital design, her Instagram account is a platform to showcase these collaborations. “The process is collaborative in its nature, with an equal role in creative input and exchange of ideas,” she explains.


Reverie In Charlotte Taylor’s Serene Digital Worlds

'Bubble House' interior design and styling collaboration with Stefano Giacomello, also rendered by the Montreal-based artist. (Dreamscapes & Artificial Architecture

A balanced focus between art, design, and photography, her style is evolving from an amalgamation of various references to a singular identity poised together for beauty. While fictional today, Charlotte Taylor represents a band of artists presenting a futuristic, serene vision of living that may not be too distant.

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