The City by Lori Nix

Get Lost in these Miniature Dioramas of Abandoned Interiors

The City by Lori Nix

Growing up in the heart of Tornado Alley, artist Lori Nix lived through her share of natural destruction. Paired with the one-room theater in her rural hometown that specialized in dystopian cinema, it is easy to see how visions of the apocalypse have snuck into Nix’s projects after she relocated to New York City.

Working mainly through miniatures and small-scale dioramas photographed on large-format cameras, Nix created her series The City to envision a cityscape in the aftermath of a disaster. The resulting images are beautiful and hyper-realistic imaginings what happens when nature takes back control.

The City by Lori NixThe City by Lori NixThe City by Lori NixThe City by Lori NixThe City by Lori Nix


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