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The Monocle Travel Guide to Mexico City

Join in on a Tour of the City's Best Street Food, Mezcal, Design, Shops and More!

The Monocle Travel Guide to Mexico City

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Mexico City is a megapolis with an endless parade of sights, sounds, and smells. The home to 21 million city dwellers is still and has been ever-changing.

Dive into Mexico's capital past the colorful chaos and Frida Kahlo merchandise and discover the city's tastiest tacos and quesadillas. And find the retailers breathing new life into classic crafts.

Taccos in Mexico
Tortillas and Tacos just taste best at street stands! The meat for this Mexican barbecue is rubbed with achiote marinade and then steam-roasted until tender. "Mixiotes" in the district of Juárez has been running since the 1980s.

The Monocle Travel Guide to Mexico City will not only lead you to sites beyond trodden tourist attractions like the most beautiful mural-splashed buildings or the best dimly lit mezcal bars.

You will receive deep insights into Mexican passions. Fathom the fascination for telenovelas, which are popular across all classes and generations. And get an understanding why overly formal and polite Mexicans will start to roar at a match of "Lucha libre" – the wrestlers in masks and Spandex. The book is available now for your perusal.

Mural Mexico City
This three dimensional mural covers the wall of a building at Unam University. A stroll across campus feels like a masterclass in Mexican modernism.

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