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The Post-War Beauty of Bar Herzog

Build_Inc. Preserved Mid-Century Modernism in Munich

The Post-War Beauty of Bar Herzog

architecture & interior

Set against the matte black that swathes the walls of Munich’s Herzog Bar and Restaurant, the brass veins that run across the floor and onto the bar’s wall offer warmth and a timeless elegance. Indeed, the post-war beauty of the bar was preserved by Build_Inc. during the recent renovations. Originally built in 1957, the bar was refitted with contemporary touches that respected and celebrated the sites heritage and history as one of Munich’s few remaining modernist buildings. The redesigned was guided by the same focus on form and function that led the construction of the original space. The palatial brass highlights also references a deeper past: The building was once a castle owned by Wilhelm V, a prominent duke in Bavaria. 

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Herzog BarHerzog Bar Herzog Bar