Couture Collages by Pablo Thecuadro

Cutting-Edge Fashion Meets Fine Art

Couture Collages by Pablo Thecuadro

visual culture

Fine art and haute couture exist in a beautiful symbiosis, and Spanish artist Pablo Thecuadro blurs the line between the two by creating collages out of contemporary fashion editorials. Knife in hand both digitally and physically, Thecuadro traces the contours in existing photographs. He often leaves behind a thin frame as a graphic vector, and the resulting images are both delicately composed and visually striking. 

The nature of collaging as a medium lends itself well to visual innovation. Sourcing inspiration from around the world, artists  are turning to the malleable medium to push boundaries, make statements, and explore uncharted territory. See more exciting examples of contemporary collaging in The Age of Collage Vol. 2.

Pablo Thecuadro collage artPablo Thecuadro collage artPablo Thecuadro collage art


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