The Infographic Is Mightier Than The Sword by Alberto Lucas López

24/04/2020 design & fashion visual culture

The Infographic Is Mightier Than The Sword

Infographics are often regarded as the world's most-spoken language. In the field of journalism, they have the ability to unify incredibly dense and complicated subjects in a way that is attainable for all. "The pearl of journalism," explains Alberto Lucas López, one of the most celebrated infographers of this generation. Delve into his journey and discover how he changed the style guide of National Geographic.
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To Build a Beautiful Plate, Start With The Right Tools

06/04/2020 food & beverages visual culture

To Build a Beautiful Plate, Start With The Right Tools

Chef Jack New discusses the art of building a plate and Jenny Dorset's creation is brought alive through a step-by-step guide. Plating is like poetry, it is an art and requires a level of understanding to display. From Story on a Plate, we look at the tools needed to construct beautiful plates.
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02/04/2020 Little Gestalten visual culture

An Enchanted Children’s Tale That Brings The Forest Inside

Convert a home into a theatrical adventure tale for children that follows animals around a forest. Explore a pre-cut, pop-out picturebook that brings a story alive this International Children's Book Day. Put on a mask, adopt an animal role of your choice and let the family’s imagination sink into a make-believe world.
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fiddle through the pages of Stay for Breakfast for hacks and surprises to make working from home feel a little more like a gala.

30/03/2020 food & beverages visual culture

Bring Your Pantry Alive With These Improvised Breakfast Recipes

Recipes for readers to inspire impromptu new morning rituals that break the cycle of isolation. Through Simone Hawlisch's photography and recipes, we explore spontaneous solutions that are often hidden in your cupboard to add a little magic to your next breakfast.
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Remaking The World, One Globe At A Time

18/03/2020 Escape visual culture

Remaking The World, One Globe At A Time

Peter Bellerby’s London globe making workshop is keeping a craft that demands the highest levels of attention and detail alive, against the tide of mechanism and still adhering to established traditions. Delve into a story from our title The New Traditional.
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The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist, The New Traditional published by gestalten, photo by Fred Wissink

10/03/2020 Escape visual culture

The Last Kalinga Tattoo Artist

Rumored to be over 100-years-old, Whang-od Oggay is the Philippines' oldest tattoo artist and a master of her craft. Keeping an ancient tradition alive in the Kalinga mountaintops, people from all over the world travel to her village to get inked by this legend. Read a story from our new book The New Traditional.
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