Repacking Social Media Into 1980s Nostalgia With Thomas Ollivier

04/01/2019 visual culture

Repacking Social Media Into 1980s Nostalgia

Before instant messaging, showing off well-laid dinners, and listening to every genre under the sun in one day existed a pre-internet age with nostalgic devices. But have we become too dependent on them? Creative Thomas Ollivier explores this idea through his Re:Birth series.
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The Running Man is 3D CGI piece by Berlin-based artist Michael Tan.

19/12/2018 visual culture

The Third Dimension Through The Eyes of Michael Tan

CGI art has flooded our social media feeds over the last few years. The medium has exploded but like most things that catch our eye, after a few minutes, it's on to the next. But where do these mesmerizing, strange and often otherworldly designs come from? We caught up with 3D artist Michael Tan to find out.
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Building in Bolivian city El Alto. Front designed by artist Freddy Mamani. (Photo: Nio Tatewaki)

07/12/2018 architecture & interior visual culture

Freddy Mamani And His Kaleidoscopic City In The Clouds

In the nicest possible way, Freddy Mamani makes buildings that look like Vegas slot machines. His jazzy designs are changing the face of his home city, La Paz and at the same time causing a bit of a stir in the architectural world.
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Lil Miquela in a Supreme swimming pool, featured in a gestalten article

05/12/2018 visual culture

The Year of Street Fashion and Culture Animation

Street fashion and culture is a global player after decades as a subculture. Not only that, but they have also become leaders in digital narration. To mark the 50th anniversary of CGI graphics, we look at the three campaigns that show how it transformed content creation in 2018.
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Brutalist Romance In The Mediterranean

04/12/2018 architecture & interior visual culture

Brutalist Romance In The Mediterranean

Brutalist architecture for decades was the symbol of the underclass and soulless town planning. But a new generation looks at the style of architecture with optimism, including Spanish photographer Salva López, who has worked on our new Ricardo Bofill book. We find out more about his aesthetic and approach to photography.
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Shifting Gender Bias In Film With Nikola Vasakova

30/11/2018 visual culture

Shifting Gender Bias In Film With Nikola Vasakova

Does gender inequality and bias exist in the film? Producer and founder of Girls in Film, Nikola Vasakova thought so after years in the industry and created a platform to help pave the way for the next generation of female and BAME filmmakers.
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