How Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree Tell Scented Tales

21/11/2019 design & fashion visual culture

How Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree Tell Scented Tales

When it comes to fragrances, they have to please both the nose and eyes. Creative duo Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree have established themselves as a design team capable of transporting fragrances on a scented tale. We discover their craft through The Essence.
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Street Contemporary by Vishal Marapon

19/11/2019 food & beverages visual culture

Street Contemporary

Recording and compressing mystical frozen moments to indicate the strangeness of time whilst also portraying metropolis spreads as deserted ghost towns, Vishal Marapon delicately captures the city in harmonious silence and empty of human life.
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Cristina Coral explores the relationship between figure and facade

07/11/2019 design & fashion visual culture

A Photographic Homage To The Female Body

The female figure is the best metaphor to represent the feelings, fragility, and contradictions that Cristina Coral often recognizes in herself. The Italian photographer has a soothing aesthetic that captures a sense of loneliness with atmospheric mystery, which is wholly epitomized in her 'Making Architecture' series.
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The art of Mediterranean Modernism through Andrew Trotter

01/11/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

The art of Mediterranean Modernism through the guise of Andrew Trotter

From starting a boutique store nearly a decade ago to founding Openhouse Magazine, Andrew Trotter reflects on his journey so far and discusses his first architectural commission Masseria Moroseta.
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Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s DIY Lovestory

30/10/2019 visual culture

Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek’s DIY Lovestory

Pillars, palms, and plastic animals are in unison with wedding outfits glamorized during the heyday of disco, driving home the message of DIY devotion. Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek talks to us about his latest commission with HORNBACH and more.
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Isay Weinfeld - An Architect from Brazil

21/10/2019 architecture & interior visual culture

Architecture is for Listeners

Bauhaus minimalism meets tasteful elegance. The Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld designs houses and hotels in style. On Weinfeld's 67th birthday we look at Brazilian writer and journalist Raul Juste Lores essay from our book.
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